Who is Brian Bluhm?

Brian Bluhm is founder and CEO of Worldwide Business Solutions and ProfitMax Chemical as well as being known as a lifelong entrepreneur and community servant.  

Brian is a friend and partner of Fish Stewarding Group.  His heart for people and their personal welfare has led Brian’s initiatives for over 40 years in charity and business.  Brian is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur with a zest and knack for seeking and analyzing opportunities to better the lives of people the world over.  Throughout all of this, for over 30 years Brian has consistently been involved and sat on public education school boards, community leadership teams, and not-for-profit boards and committees.  

Brian’s basis of Higher Education Administrator in the United States was originally formed through serving people in his church and community involvement.  His drive to educate and advance the human populace has led Brian over the last 25 plus years in projects in and with high tech agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Vulcani Institute Israel, Singapore, Vietnam, Ghana and US Partnerships.  

It is argued that not everyone is created to lead.  However, Brian believes that as long as someone is willing he or she can be developed to play their role and teach others along the way.  Brian, on the other hand, was born and developed to serve others through leading and protecting those who he engages with.  

Brian’s lifelong personal entrepreneurial business efforts have educated him and given him key subject matter expertise in areas such as International Livestock Production, Advanced Sanitation and Remediation across the globe, Energy sector, Solar for Africa, and Hydrocarbon Tech in Oil and Gas.  

Brian’s love for serving business men and women bear his testimony throughout his home town and in the countries he has served.  He is a constant giver of his time, compassion and talents to people for the purpose of building all up.  

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