Why is subjective better than objective in messaging today? A Fish Stewarding Group FAQ about the tones of subjective v objective messaging

When properly utilized, opinion is a powerful, subjective tool in sharing and discussing ideas and concepts.  When opinion becomes objective, the telling and yelling of personal points of view are stated as objective fact declaring who is right and who is wrong.  FSG seeks to humbly engage people and their ideas for the goal of a better and fulfilled vision, process or product launch.  

Fish Stewarding Group is stewarding strategic solutions by only building authoritative businesses with authentically sound people.
The FSG branches include
FSG Development  and FSG Living.
The FSG divisions include  FSG Messaging and Optics, FSG Living Villages, FSG Living Homes, FSG Living Buildings, FSG Living Panels, FSG Living Roads, FSG Realty, FSG Publishing, FSG ELC, as well as FSG Africa
and the Librating Water Directive.
FSG is bearing the weight of messaging, strategy, finance and development by coming along side.
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