FSG Remove and Replace MicroSoft 365 or Office and directions to replace with a new version for Mac.

You will receive an email from My Office Account with the new link. Access after you have deleted the old apps.

Side note: Removing the application will not remove the documents created. Existing documents will work again, once new Microsoft Application is added.

Side note 2: Old version of Microsoft must be deleted first and computer restarted for the new version to correctly be installed.

  1. Go to System Settings.Click General  Click ApplicationsLook for all Microsoft AppsDelete All Microsoft AppsEmpty The TrashShut Down the ComputerRestart the Computer and open the Microsoft 365 You’re Invited Email.
    Click on the link in the email.

    Click get started and walk through the guided steps from Microsoft

And there you go.

Other Set up Options

Setting up on Apple Mail for Mac

Setting up on iPhone and iPad

FSG email set up for the Microsoft app

Email Policy and Use of email for FSG

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