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InnovaSoil Technologies provides proven cost-effective soil stabilization, pavement reinforcement, and dust suppression applications for the public and private infrastructure industries across the
United States.

These advanced soil engineering innovations provide competitive and environmentally friendly solutions, delivering real savings in cost and time.

Whether you are building dirt roads, unpaved roads, paved roads, railways, or foundations, InnovaSoil Technologies presents an impact on minimizing the need for material replacement and extensive maintenance.

InnovaSoil presents a solution to the challenge of maintaining a balance between performance and cost, while satisfying environmental regulations for building material manufacturers, design engineers, and contractors.

InnovaSoil Technologies develops and manufactures a proprietary organic formula using a complex
and concentrated blend of elements that are specifically engineered to bond soil.

The result is a catalytic reaction that permanently fuses the soil particles at the molecular level
into a dense, cement-like layer that resists water penetration, weathering, and wear.

Consider discovering the value of partnering with Innovasoil.

The team of design and application engineers will work with you from the outset to ensure that our applications and designs are tailored to your exact requirements. We help you achieve your project objectives on time and within budget.

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