Liberating Water Directive Page of the Fish Stewarding Group Website.

LWD is stewarding Responsible Water Technologies and Applications.

Liberating Water Directive graphic for FSG website. The background is a blue gradient color that goes from a dark blue on the bottom to a lighter blue on top. In the center background of the image is a watermarked FSG logo, faded in blue, in the background. The logo has the letters FSG in the middle with a circle with four pointed arrows facing north, south, east and west with the S connected to that circle. Four rounded lines make the next circle of the circle and the last layer is a thin circle with the text on the Bottom that reads Stewarding Strategist Solutions and on top, the text reads Fish Stewarding Group. In the foreground is the Liberating Water Directive Full logo. The logo is a round object with a flowing small line that starts at the top and then bends and slowly widens and opens by the lower right corner of the object. There are four blues in the round object from a light to a dark that make up quadrants in the image. Beneath the Logo are the words Liberating in a white, Water in a lighter blue, then two lines on each side of the word Directive which is in a white font. Then beneath that is the text that reads Responsible Water Technologies and Applications. Then a solid line and the website underneath that reads

LWD believes water is one of earth’s greatest resources.

FSG believes in, supports and seeks opportunities to meet the basic human needs of people, cultures and nations.  Providing clean water is one of those basic needs we are committed to.

Liberating Water Directive (LWD) was created by Fish Stewarding Group to provide the education and distribution of responsible water technologies and their applications.

What would it look like to dream of having water in every home?

What would it look like to have responsible commercial and industrial applications of water treatments allowing for water recycling and reusability?

What would it look like to be chemical free, green and environmentally friendly and yet still have usable water for fracking in the oil and gas industry?

Some may say these questions are too big to ask.

Liberating Water believes we are just getting started with these questions, solutions and opportunities.

At FSG, we believe that some of the most difficult water to clean and treat is commonly fou