MUPPS Owners Manual Table of Contents for an FSG Living Buildings Structure from the Fish Stewarding Group. Information and details for an FSGLB MUPPS.

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MUPPS Owners Manual – Table of Contents

This is a table of Contents for the complete list of what can be included in an FSG Living Buildings Owners Manual. Some structures will require less depending on the build, design and amenities.

FSG Living Buildings MUPPS Owners Manual

Table of Contents

About FSG Living Buildings

About Fish Stewarding Group
About the FSG Living Process

Before you buy
Before you transport
Before you connect

Country to State to County Considerations
City, Town and HOA Considerations
Zoning and Site Approval Considerations
Transportation Considerations
Connection Considerations
Altering Considerations
Tax Considerations
Resale Considerations

Applying for a Statement of Ownership
Certificates and Seals

Producer’s Information:
• Company name
• Address
• Contact information: Email
• Contact information: Phone
• Contact information: Website
• Contact information: Social Media
• Information about how potential buyers can contact the seller or producer for inquiries or purchases

Structure Information:
• FSG LB Name
• Category name
• Additional identification code
• Size
• Property Designator (Personal or Real)
• Start Date
• Completed Date
• Build Team

Price and Sales Information:
• Listing price
• Intended Location (Optional)

Primary Structure Specifications:
• Square footage
• Number of rooms/bedrooms
• Number of bathrooms
• Other relevant specifications (e.g., heating and cooling systems, appliances)

Exterior Features:
• Roof
• Skid
• FSG Living Panels
• Polycarbonate Connectors
• Our Glue
• Siding and Cladding
• Windows and Doors
• Exterior Finishes

Interior Features:
• Floor Plan Overview
• Interior Finishes
• Trims
• Built-in Furniture and Fixtures
• Electrical System
• Circuit Breaker Panel
• Outlets and Switches
• Lighting Fixtures
• Plumbing System
• Water Supply and Plumbing Lines
• Sinks, Faucets, and Drains
• Toilet and Waste Management
• Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
• Heating Options
• Ventilation and Air Exchange
• Cooling Solutions

Maintenance and Care:
• Exterior Maintenance
                                 Roof Inspection and Maintenance
                                Siding and Cladding Care
                                Window and Door Maintenance

• Interior Maintenance
                              Cleaning and Surface Care
                              Furniture and Fixture Care
                              Flooring Maintenance
                              Appliance Maintenance (if added to structure)
                             Refrigerator (if added to structure)
                             Stove and Oven (if added to structure)
                             HVAC System Maintenance (if added to structure)

Utilities and Hookups:
• Power Supply and Connections
• Using Generators
• Connecting to External Power
• Water and Sewage Connections
• Connecting to City Water
• Internet and Commun