FSG Living
A strategically sound and structured building process.

FSG Living

FSG Living Buildings

A strategically sound and structured building process for the discerning buyer looking for quality, strength, performance and accountability in a completed structure.


Multi-Use Portable Panel Structures


FSG Living Buildings provides:
a vetted process of advancement, organization and performance in the creation of living structures.

Effective for:
AirB&Bs, guest suites, oil fields and ranches
Available in:
24’, 32’ and 48’ lengths

Certified Frames and Structures:

Effective for AirB&Bs, guest suites, oil fields and ranches.
Available in 24′, 32′ and 48′ Structures.
Portable and easy to transport.
Sturdy and low maintenance.
Highly energy efficient and easy for both cooling and heating.
Multiple interior design options available for personal or business demands.
Exterior design flare provides a modern look for an economic work or dwelling unit.

Assembly Process:

Steel skid design for proper foundation, durability and transportability.

FSG vetted assembly process leverages HWS Panels to provide a unified, monolithic benefit in structural integrity and energy efficiency.

Certified plans assembled in accordance with the International Building Codes.
Standard product offering is approved for 95% ofUS locations.

Check altitude and shoreline locations for further details.

HWS Panels:
Developed over twelve years of R&D by the USA’s largest homebuilder with aid from DuPont, Dow and MIT

For questions about
FSG Living,
FSG Living Buildings,
our structures, our process and pre-ordering:

EMAIL US AT: MoreInfo@fsgliving.com
CALL US AT: 325-400-6950

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FSG Living encapsulates the FSG Living Branches…

About FSG Living Buildings
More about FSG Living Buildings. What they are. How they are made. Why we call them living. Where the process came from. Who makes them and more
About FSG Living Buildings

FSG Living Buildings Process Header
Our Living Buildings Process

Uses for FSG Living Buildings
A page listing some of the uses for FSG Living Buildings with many of the numerous options beyond the three core models we offer.
Uses for FSG Living Buildings

Multi-Use Portable Panel StructuresThe FSG Living Buildings are also called (MUPPS) for short which stands for
Multi-Use Portable Panel Structures.
More about the MUPPS

Gallery Images and Videos graphic for FSG Living Buildings The FSG Living Gallery, Images and Videos Page. This page will have some select visuals as well as the direct links to our Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube Pages where we will be highlights FSG Living Buildings.
FSG Gallery Images and Videos

Options Amenities Additions
Options Amenities Additions Page for FSG Living Buildings.
This is a select list of what can be added to one of our core models.

Careers with FSG Living
Careers with FSG Living is a a page listing some of the Job and career offerings with FSG
Careers with FSG Living

Financing for FSG Living Buildings headerA page with some options, information and links about Financing for FSG Living with customers.
Financing for FSG Living

Mupps owners manual graphicFSG Living Buildings MUPPS Owners Manual Page
Owners manual page


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