Multiuse Portable Panel Structures from FSG Living Buildings or MUPPS for short. This is the lead descriptor for the FSG Living Buildings models.

Multi-Use Portable Panel Structures

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Multi use Portable Panel Structures

With many uses, options and possibilities, these structures go beyond the common definition of a tiny.

From the array of possible uses…
To the ease of how they can be moved…
to the Thermoplastic monolithic composite panels that are used…
in order to create structures that stand when tested against
Thermal Resistance
Water Resistance
Seismic Testing
Fire Testing
and more..

Every element of a MUPPS or Multiuse Portable Panel Structure presents a transparency, accountability and authority in the process from the start of the build to the completion of the structure.

During an intense period of Research and Development of our MUPPS, we have built a process through a clear understanding of every hour, every dollar and every step in order to create every building with the most authority.

Here is a link to a list of some of the uses for one of our FSG Living Buildings MUPPS
Uses for FSG Living Buildings
Uses for MUPPS

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