Uses for FSG Living Buildings for the Fish Stewarding Group.
An array of options beyond the three core models from FSG.
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Uses for FSG Living Buildings

Beyond the primary core three models, FSG Living shares and offers an array of options for both uses of the three core models as well as adaptions.

Whether created in one of our three core model formats or customized, the uses for FSG Living Buildings cross the spectrum from personal to business to anywhere in between. Some of these uses include:
Portable Homes
Backyard Offices
Man camps
Extra Living Quarters
Well Covers
Guard Shacks / Guard Houses
Green houses
Tiny Homes
Tiny Houses
Guest Living Quarters
Mother in Law Quarters
Deer Blinds
On Site Sales Centers
Temporary Offices
Recording Rooms
Exercise Rooms
Hobby Room
Man Cave
Play Room
Work Shop
Prophets Chamber

Tech Free Zone
That space with no electricity and no technology. A space that is free of screens, illumination, sounds and artificial noises. A space that can be used for relaxation, quiet, prayer, reflection or rest.
A spot allowing you to completely disconnect in order to reconnect in a helpful way. We offer FSG Living Buildings models with no electricity and wiring or it can be wired for electricity for a dual use if desired.

Nanny Quarters
Air BNB Rentals
Antiques Storage
Motorcycle Storage
Musical Instrument Storage
Server Router Cool Storage
Dog Kennel
Chicken Coop
Concession Stand
Writing Studio
Art Studio
Sound Proof Room
Pool House
Lawn Tool Storage
Children’s Playhouse
Home Gym
Laundry Room
Repair Shop
Massage Table Room
Therapy Room
Servants Quarters
Hobby Room
Boat Dock Building
Exclusive Bathrooms
Medical Room
Heat Exhaustion Room
Back Stage Rooms
Portable Festival Offices
Accessory Structures
Internal Modular Offices
Toll Booths
Small Electric Substations
Bitcoin Mining Rooms
Granny Pods

Uses for FSG Living BuildingsLearn a little more about the Uses for FSG Living Buildings as well as and an answer to the question What are FSG Living Buildings?  as well as the answer to What are FSG living Panels
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