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Forms and Downloads from Fish Stewarding Group

The Fish Stewarding Group Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The Fish Stewarding Group Non-Disclosure Agreement and Confidentiality Notice

The Fish Stewarding Group Notice of Filming

The Fish Stewarding Group Podcast Release Form

The Fish Stewarding Group Photo and Video Release

The Fish Stewarding Group Model Release Form

The Fish Stewarding Group Property Release Form

Forms and Downloads Descriptions and Explanations for our documents.

FSG Copyright Notice
“Copyright notice is a statement placed on copies or phono records of a work to inform the public that a copyright owner is claiming ownership of it.”

FSG Privacy Policy
“Privacy policy is a legal document that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses and manages a customer’s data. The exact contents of a privacy policy will depend upon the applicable law and may need to address the requirements of multiple countries or jurisdictions. While there is no universal guidance for the content of specific privacy policies, a number of organizations provide example forms or online wizards.” –

FSG Terms and Conditions
“Website terms of use, also known as website terms and conditions or terms of service, govern the use of a website by visitors. These are distinct from terms and conditions of business which are concerned with the e-commerce aspects of selling goods or services online, rather than the way in which a website is used.” –

FSG Limitation of Liability
“Limitation of Liability.  In Terms of Use, limitation of liability provisions permit the website operator to limit the amount ands type of damages for which it can be held legally responsible, as long as the limitation comply with applicable state law.  Generally, state law requires that a limitation of liability provision in Terms of Use, or any other contract, be reasonable, clear, and conspicuous.”  –
The National Law Review

FSG Delivery and Returns
A delivery and returns document, also called a Refund & Return Policy, also known as a Return & Cancellation and Refund Policy, informs buyers of your terms when they are unsatisfied with the goods or services they’ve purchased from you. This can also include the information regarding the delivery as well. This often applies to material items like clothing or electronics. Digital goods, like streaming music or apps, may not always have a Return & Refund Policy.
Terms Feed

FSG Conditions of Supply
“Protect your business with clear and fair terms and conditions for the supply of services (or goods and services) to consumers. Use these business-to-consumer (B2C) terms and conditions for any business in England, Wales or Scotland that supplies services (or goods and services) to consumers. They are designed to be straightforward and comprehensive so that customers know where they stand and needless disputes can be avoided. They cover key issues such as orders, supply, customer responsibilities, pricing, payment, guarantees, liability, cancellation and termination and data protection.”

FSG Acceptable Use
Stands for “Acceptable Use Policy.” An AUP is list of rules you must follow in order to use a website or Internet service. It is similar to a software license agreement (SLA), but is used specifically for Internet services.
– Tech Terms

FSG Intellectual Property Policy
The purpose of the Intellectual Property Policy is to foster the creation and dissemination of knowledge and to provide certainty in individual and company/institutional rights associated with ownership and with the distribution of benefits that may be derived from the creation of Intellectual Property. 
University of Kansas Policy Library

Fish Stewarding Group is bearing the weight of messaging, strategy, finance and development by coming along side. With our more intensive front-end involvement for purposes such as education and stability, after the execution with FSG the overall intent is that long term sustainability and business endurance are carried by the owner and their team.  

FSG focuses on only building authoritative businesses with authentically sound people.

To us, stewarding is a comprehensive concept that is based on coming along side for the benefit of another. 

While FSG is not for everyone, we seek to promote the truth and remove the hype.

  • Our FSG Discovery and Audit Process is a comprehensive approach that covers and defines such keys as:

    • Authority
    • Authenticity
    • Intention vs Perception Optics
    • Comparative and Competitive
    • Compliance and Liability Issues
    • Vetting of Personnel
    • Online and Offline Client Content Review
    • Brand Engagement and Reputation 
    • Subjectivity, Humility and Claims Analysis
    • Security, Stability and Protection of a Vision 
An image of a light morning sky over a series of snow capped mountain tops with the black text in the center that reads: FSG focuses on only building authoritative businesses with authentically sound people. In the background is a watermark of the FSG logo in gray. The logo has the letters FSG in the middle with a circle with four pointed arrows facing north, south, east and west with the S connected to each side of that circle. Four rounded lines make the next circle of the logo. And the last layer is a thin circle with the text on the Bottom that reads Stewarding Strategist Solutions and on top, the text reads Fish Stewarding Group.