FSG Google Workspace Email Setup in Apple Mail for Mac

This is the walk through for setting up an FSG Google Workspace account on a Mac computer using the Apple Mail app.

Side note: For this walkthrough, Youremail@fishstewarding.com is the example email.

  1. Open the Mail app.

2. From the Mail menu in the upper left corner, choose Add Account.

3. Pick the Google option, and click continue.

4. Add the email address that you are setting up, then click next.

5. You may or may not be prompted to choose a personal or Google Workspace. If this screen shows up, please click Google Workspace.

6. Enter your password, and click next.

7. Google will show a screen with their terms of service and policies. Click Acceptto continue.

8. This screen is where you allow your new Google account to access your MacOS. Click Allow. Note: These access points are more for FSG than for Google. This is safe to agree to as these emails are accessible by FSG and FSG is the administrator of the account.

On that note, please use your Fish Stewarding email for FSG related emails only.

9. Choose the apps you would like to access with this account. Only the mail app is required for email functionality. The others are your choice.

Click Done