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On the back of a blue gradient color that goes from a dark blue on he bottom to a lighter blue on top. In the middle is the FSG logo in gray. The logo has the letters FSG in the middle with a circle with four pointed arrows facing north, south, east and west with the S connected to that circle. Four rounded lines make the next circle of the circle and the last layer is a thin circle with the text on the Bottom that reads FSG Living Homes and on top, the text reads Fish Stewarding Group.
FSG Living Homes

Fish Stewarding Group is stewarding strategic solutions by only building authoritative businesses with authentically sound people.
The FSG branches include
FSG Development  and FSG Living.
The FSG divisions include  FSG Messaging and Optics, FSG Living Villages, FSG Living Homes, FSG Living Buildings, FSG Living Panels, FSG Living Roads, FSG Realty, FSG Publishing, FSG ELC, as well as FSG Africa
and the Librating Water Directive.
FSG is bearing the weight of messaging, strategy, finance and development by coming along side.
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