FSG Equipping and Learning Centers (FSG ELC) Page for the Fish Stewarding Group sharing the seeds, centers for learning to fish and teaching others.


FSG equipping and learning centers

Fish Equipping and Learning Centers is a branch of Fish Stewarding Group providing a local education platform for job training, personal development and extended Kingdom curriculum for the advancement of people and businesses across the nations.

Fish Equipping and Learning Centers offer a viable set of options for the ‘Give-a or Teach-to’ Choice.

We Give-a-Fish when there is a need.  We Teach-to-Fish to bring forth destiny.  Equally important for charity work as well as business development, FSG has learned the importance of time and process to give as needed while focusing on investing through teaching every touchpoint for continuation purposes of the owner and their teams.  

As a vital stewarding components to Building All Up, this FSG branch is committed to:

Education through every step and process.
Revitalization of communities by building up businesses and building up people.
Building up local workforces through educating on Kingdom principles, Discipleship, job skills, life skills and education completion.
Focus on entrepreneurial initiatives and business training.
Keeping the wealth of the nation and culture of each community in the community.
Stewarding responsible visions and profitable business execution. 

FSG aims to ignite and amplify the legacy of ‘Building All Up’ through building authoritative businesses with authentically sound people.  

Fish Stewarding Group is stewarding strategic solutions by only building authoritative businesses with authentically sound people.
The FSG branches include
FSG Development</