Living Buildings Process from FSG. The Fish Stewarding Group Living Buildings Process and how it goes a little deeper than just putting together a building.

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At FSG, we look to the practices and the processes of building. They are all living parts to us, that when working together correctly, creating a living build that ensures every step, every stage and every item is in harmony with the process of the build.

This detailed process takes in to account
the stability, the security and the authority of what is being created.

Many build in a fashion for speed. Others build with a budget in mind. Still even more build with looking to cut a corner to make things faster or use a sub standard product to save on the budget. Some will hire workers and laborers that are fast, but not always proficient, trained or having the attention to detail

Our end result starts at the beginning and carries through the entire process. 

This is a living process. The goal and end result is the assurance that every step is treated with the upmost detail, ensuring that it was not a race to complete the unit as a whole but much more so a journey keeping every step and every stage in mind to bring the structure to life.

This is why we call them living buildings. This is why we have taken the time to not only develop the blueprint for the structure… we chose to spend the time and the money to create the blueprint for the process.

At FSG Living,
We invested in the learning curve.
We invested in the time it took to bring the process to market.
We invested in the research and development as well as the troubleshooting, problem solving and issues that others did not find.

Finally, we looked at the performance over the papers.
Many will highlight the tests and the proof of concepts with paperwork. We applied the performance to the papers and tests in order for us to experience these facts first hand.

The FSG Living Buildings Process is applied to every one of our core models as well as specifically adjusted for every offered customization or personalization elements.


FSG living buildings process
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