Who is Richard Diddams?

Who is Richard Diddams (Rich) is owner and CEO of Commander’s Concept, https://cccxa.com, and Executive Director of Liberty University’s Center for Engineering Research & Education.  

Rich is a servant’s servant.  He was born to serve and takes great pride in the fact his word is his word.  As a friend and partner to FSG, Rich lives his family’s inheritance of giving their lives for people whether that be on the mission field, in governmental service, in business, as a neighbor or as a friend. Rich loves people and loves his country.  

In addition to Rich’s parent’s and grandparents influence through their life giving foreign work, Rich’s path of service was further enhanced through his service in the United States military.  As a now retired, wounded vet of Senior US Marine Corps Officer status with Top Secret Clearance, Rich was trusted and decorated in rank through his work with Joint Chiefs of Staff briefing the President of the US and National Security Council.  Another particular noted service record of Rich is that he bravely and proudly oversaw three Petro-Chemical plants in Saudi Arabia, defeated three terrorist attacks and served as Chief of Staff for Ministry of Interior.  

As it relates to engineering in the US Marines, Rich was directly responsible for building out the life, health , safety work for 400+ US forward military bases, 6 hospitals, led hundreds of world-wide projects, as a prime contractor including numerous security operations.  Rich is known for his organization skills and budgetary prowess as not one of his direct command US military projects was ever noted for being out of budgetary compliance at any level of review.  Rich is a man of honor and integrity with everything he sets his mind and hands to do.  

Today, Rich is CEO of his Architectural, Engineering and Security Firm boasting projects in the US, Afghanistan, UAE and multiple overseas locations.  Rich’s Security access is as Licensed Security Expert in Armed Security, TSCM (Bug Sweeps), Electronics, Personal Protection and Secure Communications in governmental and private affairs.  

Rich still serves daily as advisor and advocate for military, university and global business personnel.  He is here to serve and proudly wears that badge with honor to build all up in the process. 

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