Assessing authority with objectivity. A Fish Stewarding Group one minute message

Assessing authority with objectivity

Consider that assessing truth based on authority not popularity may help to avoid catastrophe.

Assessing authority with objectivity

Online and off, many marketers, influencers and teams of advertisers work to push products, services, subscriptions and claims that have no objective truth to them at all.

These people are not held liable or accountable, they are only looking to make what they can.

And when it comes to a product or service that might not have much weight or authority to it, the strategy tends to be to make it as popular as possible to amplify the hype, likes, and claims over the facts, truth and proof.

Assessing authority with objectivity

So with this happening often, it can be a good idea to look beyond the presented popularity, numbers, hype, and claims by digging deeper to see if there is objective and substantiated proof that backs it up.

In the end, since it has become easier than ever to make anything popular and appear to be more than it truly is, the time you take to prove and research that popularity may help you avoid mistakes and missteps while keeping you from being fooled by the fools.

assessing authority with objectivity

assessing authority with objectivity


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Assessing authority with objectivity. A Fish Stewarding Group One Minute Message

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Fish Stewarding Group is bearing the weight of Messaging, Strategy, Finance and Development.