Avoid engagement farming. A Fish Stewarding Group One Minute Message

Avoid Engagement Farming 

Consider posting content that plants authentic seeds for an enduring harvest instead of posting empty hype that lasts only for a moment.

Avoid Engagement Farming 

Many may be unfamiliar with the term engagement farming, and yet it has become a mainstay on most social sites.

Engagement farming is when someone posts annoying, generic or trending things to get replies, likes and comments. The purpose tends to be associated with people looking to either ignite, upset or entice people to comment with hopes of leads to follow from the motion of an empty post becoming popular.

These posts rarely if ever highlight the authority or expertise, and often are disguised purely to promote the post with interactions.

Avoid Engagement Farming 

So with Twitter moving to remove these posts and suspending these accounts, consider now more than ever to post with the intention to engage organically.

In the end, sharing your knowledge and expertise authentically to connect can do more for the long run now over using, penalizing click bait tactics and engagement farming to gain a false popularity for a moment.

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Fish Stewarding Group is bearing the weight of messaging, strategy, finance and development by coming along side.

FSG is stewarding strategic solutions by only building authoritative businesses with authentically sound people.

Fish Stewarding Group includes FSG Messaging and Optics, FSG Development, FSG Living as well as Liberating Water Directive and the FSG Equipping and Learning Centers.

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Avoid engagement farming.
A Fish Stewarding Group One Minute Message

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Fish Stewarding Group is bearing the weight of Messaging, Strategy, Finance and Development.