Who is Loren T Weisman?

Loren T. Weisman is currently the Messaging and Optics Strategist for Fish Stewarding Group and more specifically the drive behind FSG Messaging and Optics division.

Loren’s path was not always a sure thing.  Destined to find his own way, declaring he would become a drummer was not his parent’s profession of choice.  With over 700 album credits across major and indie labels, Loren’s steadfastness and dedication proved his ability to play and perform.  Yet Loren was convinced there was more.  It was this avenue of music that opened many additional doors in the music and television producing industries as Loren’s eye was able to see and then translate opportunities into money saving processes in a dog-eat-dog world of record labels as well as for television production studios.  As a music producer and TV producer, Loren is accomplished with numerous TV production credits for ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, TLC and more.

Loren’s ability to tell the story through transparent engagement is what has continually been developed throughout his life even when he did not realize it.  Loren believes that messaging and its optics are true foundational elements for building properly. 

Today, Loren has taken those messaging and optics skills and honed them further through the lense of Stewarding at Fish Stewarding Group.  The FSG MnO Discovery process is foundational in development and strategy in all of FSG’s global projects across arts, entertainment, medical, finance, education and world wide business development.

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