How do we communicate? Our preferred communication style at FSG. One of the Fish Stewarding Group FAQs on healthy communication for productive conversations and results.

How do we communicate?

Our short answer is with integrity, honor, patience and calm. We believe these are at the core to allow for the most productive conversations and results.

This is not by any means a rule book when it comes to communication. FSG looks at this as a guide and an approach that we like to have in conversations with those we are working with or are considering working with us as well as for any professional or for that matter, personal conversations as well.

In our experience, these touch points allow for mutual understanding, respect and growth to occur as well as being achieved faster.. The same expectations we ask for below are the same you can expect from the Fish Stewarding Group. You may also want to ensure that this is the kind of communication you have internally and externally in your business. This is a large part of our discussion and discovery when it comes to the FSG Messaging and Optics work.

A straightforward answer to a straightforward question may move you that much more forward in this world, that much faster.”

In someways, this approach can be summed up in the above quote with the idea that communication centered around transparency, humility, honor, accountability as well as the ability to hear the other side and not make or rush to judgements when disputes arise… can allow for the best paths and best growth possible.

From your messaging and marketing to the external, internal and even interview conversations, this may serve to help.

A long rectangle graphic with a tan wooden table as the background. To the left is a Mac book air computer and a tan note book sitting on it with a plant in the top of the image and a coffee cup on a wooden coaster with the FSG logo in the middle of the coffee. To the right side in text is the quote: “A straightforward answer to a straightforward question may move you that much more forward in this world, that much faster.” Beneath in smaller text is the name Loren Weisman.

“A straightforward answer to a straightforward question may move you that much more forward in this world, that much faster.”

How do we communicate? This is our checklist of sorts that we apply…

and we ask of others to apply and practice this communication style at FSG as well when in conversations in the happiest times and in the most frustrating ones.

  1. Please differentiate and clarify the opinions from facts.
  2. Consider that your intention may not translate to perception.
  3. Listen instead of preparing a response and not hearing.
  4. Please stay away from insulting.
  5. Avoid sarcasm.
  6. Refrain from passive aggressive communication tactics.
  7. If something feels off, explain it immediately as well as why.
  8. If something feels insulting, share why it feels insulting instead of stating that someone is insulting you.
  9. Dial back the claims, the hype, the ego in conversations.
  10. Stand with conviction but also a preparation to shift if the facts prove different.
  11.  Communicate with and in transparency.

  12.  Research for the present and applicable truth for your conversation or debate
    over sharing half truths, expired truths or non relatable truths.
  13. Please do not assume, ask.
  14. Don’t let it sit or simmer. Bring it up and lets get it resolved
  15. Make it a goal to resolve a dispute, over winning one.
  16. Communicate with Love, Humility, Authority, Authenticity and Integrity
  17. Do not nod your head or act like you understand if you don’t.
  18. If you do not received a response to an email, a call or a text in 24 hours, on a weekday, please resend. Do not wait or assume we are busy.
  19. Leave out the Fear, Ego, Hearsay, Anxiety and Dishonesty.
  20. If you can’t figure something out, as soon as it is causing confusion, fill us in and don’t wait till the next meeting or call. Let’s nip issues in the bud.
  21. And lastly…

    1. If you can’t make a payment…
    2. If you can’t make a meeting…
    3. If you can’t make a deadline…
    4. If you can’t make sense of something…
    5. If circumstances change…
      1. Please inform us so we know as soon as possible and so we can figure out the best strategy to apply to keep momentum for the project.Going Silent, ducking, hiding or avoiding does not honor you, us or the process.As things happen, keep us in the loop.When communication and respect are at their best, we will do all we can to make any issue, problem or delay have the least impact.

This is not just about us. It is about you. These type of productive conversations and results may help in creating an environment where this preferred communication style can work to benefit all and save time, hassle, frustration and excessive costs.

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How do we communicate? Our preferred communication style at FSG. An FSG FAQ